Tuesday, September 8

Highlights: Soccer and Sunday School

Last week both boys had "firsts" that resulted in big fun.
Jack took the practice field for his first time playing soccer. It appears that he has a great coach (soccer ball tatoo and all). He is passionate, great with the kids, and just that right blend of funny and serious. Jack looks so great in his cleets, "slick" shorts and high socks and come game day he will be sporting a great shirt with Morfar's company logo on the front. How fun is that. While there is much enthusiasm...there is not a lot of skill at this point, but that is okay because it is our first go round and it gives Jon a good reason to insist that he and Jack spend quality time in the backyard. Jack is working on running (all the time) and "being aggressive" and getting after the ball.

On Sunday at church the kiddos "moved-up" to the next sunday school class. That meant that Max moved out of the nursery and into a "real" class. There was no hesitation on his part when Jon walked him down the hallway and into his class. He assurredly waved good bye with no tears. When Jon returned to pick him up, Max came running over and pulled Jon to look at his project. He showed any and every one who would look down, his prized Sunday school project. And there were big grins when we placed it on the fridge. It appears that we have a fan of Sunday school, glue and projects. Fun times lay ahead.