Sunday, October 18

Sisters " Working" Weekend

I awoke before dawn Saturday morning, hit starbucks and then hit the road. I was Bellingham bound to spend the day with my youngest sister Kendra. Kendra is the rockin' Resource Development Director for Whatcom County's Habitat for Humanity. This weekend was her big Auction and Dinner. I arrived shortly after 7am to lend my support, work for her and to cheer her on. She did a great job. It was so well organized that it was easy to work, accomplish tasks and even be a little ahead of schedule. As the older sister it was great to watch Kendra in her element, in her groove and doing what she is so gifted at. The event was great and I had a great evening with Kendra. As I crept out of her house at 6am sunday morning I could hear her snoring away in her room...good for her. She worked so hard. Stay tuned. Next weekend we get to play together..big time.

who knew that it took hours to set out silent auction items

Okay, take a deep breath. Let's get our party on.

A packed room = Lots of money for Habitat for Humanity. Awesome.

Getting her volunteers all caught up on proceedures.

Shortly after 10 Kendra finally gets to sit: with a glass of wine. Take note of her "post event" footwear.