Monday, November 30

The Tree is Up

The tree is up earlier this year than in years past. The reason: a great artificial, fully lit tree was dropped on our doorstep. Now there was one little glitch with this great new tree passed on to us by Jon's was nine feet tall our ceilings are eight feet tall. As it sat in it's bag in the middle of our living room we thought thru some options many of which included a hack saw. But alas after some investigation we discovered that we could just leave the bottom section off and it would work. OH, I was happy. See I don't mind going to the local tree farm and picking out a tree, it is very fun..but what I don't like is putting up or taking down the lights, which by default was my job. But not this year. The tree went up and it was time to decorate. This year the whole family got in on the job.(usually I kick the boys out and decorate the tree to mommy's liking while watching white christmas, but not this year) The boys loved it, the tree looks great and it was so much fun that Jack felt compelled to rush away and put on his Christmas jammies.

So Here is to kicking off a season all about anticipation, joy and family.