Tuesday, February 9

Bringin' Da Noise, Bringin' Da Funk

That is right folks our house is about the music as of late all in hope of getting Jack pumped up for his winter activity: Piano Lessons. Jack has always had an interest in music, he appreciates different style of music and he always seems to be boppin' to some tune in his head. Thus we thought piano lessons might be a good ways to tip the old foot in the proverbial pond.It also helps that our pastor intern's wife is a certified music teacher and had some availability. So today was the day. With freshly purchased music book in hand we arrived at Mrs. Alanna's School of Rock aka her home office/music room. The keyboard facing a terrifically decorated wall of musical inspiration. Jack jumped right in and as I listed from the hallway the two of them seemed to have a good time. Mrs. Alanna did her homework and at the end of the lessons I overheard her say "Jack, when we practice hard and learn the basics we can play all kinds of music. You could even play something like this...." Then she busted out the StarWars theme. Follow that with the presentation of a Pokemon sticker for his good work and piano lesson number one was a success. Now comes the reality. 5 days of practice.....we will keep you posted.

Jack is all set with his folder, ready for lessons.

Jack and Mrs. Alanna working on finger position.