Thursday, February 4

Oh the Joy of Being Max

The picture captures the essance of Max. Fully loving bathtime and being such a ham.We spent a good portion of the afternoon in the bathroom. Max in tub and Mommy reading stories. Good Fun.

Here is a little glimpse of all things Max right now:
- He is Passionate. Whether he be happy or sad it is all out , all the time. There is no mild Max. There is just Max.

- He is in a big kid bed, a big kid carseat, and playing with the notion of going potty on the big potty.

- He can open any door and can be absolutly silent when he is being naughty, thus we have busted out the door knob locks on all the doors.

- He loves to read. He will grab a book and stand in front of you saying "read me, read me".

- He talks non stop. New words everyday, and the kiddo does not have an inside voice.

- He enjoyes playing with his guys (playmobile people) and will have little conversations with them.

- He would be happy if the only thing you fed him was : turkey, cheese, apples and milk.

- He enjoyes playing games, coloring and playdough. He has done a great job of making circles and loves to glue and cut.