Thursday, March 11

Mariners= Blahhh, Shriley= Fun Times

(the following is heartfelt and has nothing to do with the phone call that I got minutes ago threatening to disallow me to claim the lyons last name if a certain blog situation was not immediately rectified)

Let's be honest the real reason the the fam-damly headed to Arizona is to visit Great Grandma Shirley and Aunt Peggy who live there. Any fun that the family may enjoy with thousands of fans and players at spring training will just be "extra".She and she alone is the reason for the planning, the trip, and jack purchasing a sunglasses and a mariners hat. Yup. It's ALL ABOUT GRANDMA SHIRLEY. And our family would have it no other way. We are so thrilled that Jack gets to spend time with her, to see her home and to spend time with Aunt Peggy. Have a great time guys!