Thursday, March 4

The Ride Home

So the boys and I just returned home from visiting the newly remodeled mcdonalds. The new play equipment kept the boys nicely entertained for some time. Not long after being there they made friends with some other kids. Low and behold they had befriended two kids who happen to belong to a girl I had grown up going to church with. Now she was a couple years older than me and had been good friends with Jon in Jr. High and High School. So the kids played and we chatted. When we climbed back into the car I mentioned to Jack that "that lady in there had been really good friends with daddy when they were in jr.high and high school" ( I did not mention though that she had been daddy's first girlfriend) When I shared this info with Jack he then asked "Well why did dad not marry her?" I responded, " Because they were just friends...and he like me more" ......Jack then respond with a look of shock and disdain...shaking his head he said " really??... (sigh)...whatever."

Yup, that makes a mom feel good. When your own kid can't figure out why your spouse chose you.

I called to share the incident with jon, he assured me that he was still pleased with his choice..phew...