Monday, April 12

Look Mom....I'm a Maniac!

Yup, those were the words out of Jack's mouth when he realized that I had let go and in fact he was riding his bike all by himself. Oh, it is a big day.
Last summer we took the training wheels off of Jack's bike and Jon and Jack tried their hand at learning to ride. But fall came and the bike hit the garage. No more practice. Sunday though, we brought the bike out in the sunshine and Jon and Jack again hit the street for some much improved practice. He was so close. Today though, Jack who stayed home to nurse a low grade fever eventually needed a little activity so we headed outside and jack asked if he could try the bike. Okay, I said. I held on the back, ran along slide and then let go.... I then began to run parralle to Jack and talked with him. Then all a sudden he realized he was doing it on his own and shouted out " look mom, I am a maniac ". That was all it took. From then on he just needed a good shove an doff he went....down the street..smiling and pedaling his little heart out. It is going to be a great summer. Now just to locate and obtain bikes for the rest of the family.