Sunday, June 6

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Jack and I enjoyed a road trip thursday-saturday we traveled to Summerland, Canada to participate in and celebrate our good friend Dana and Joe's Wedding. We are so thrilled for Dana and Joe. It was a beautiful ceremony and we are excited for them as they begin their life together. Jack and I had a fantastic time in Summerland. It was a beautiful place to to be. Here is a little photo diary of the events.

Thursday We said goodbye to daddy and dropped Max off at Nan's house and then headed to meet our caravan friends The Johnsons. By 8:15 we were on the road. The day was beautiful which made our drive so enjoyable. We stopped for lunch around 12 near Chelan. A little lakeside picnic lunch was just what we needed. Jack, Mia, Sam and Isaac got some good running in while Kenton, Gretchen and I enjoyed some sunshine.

Then it was back into the car for the long stretch. We crossed the boarder with no issue and made our way north to Summerland. We arrived, changed clothes and then Jack and I headed off with Joe and Dana wedding rehearsal. Jack was thrilled to ride shotgun with Joe.

We then partook of a tasty dinner with family and wedding party at a great Italian resturant that actually had a kids playset right outside. The kids spent most of their time outside which was great after a day in the car.

Jack and I were lucky enough to stay at Dana's parents house. What wonderful hosts they were. We truly enjoyed our time with Margie and Henry. (THANKS so much for your hospitality). Around 11:30 we finally called it a night and hit the pillows. A big day lie ahead.

Friday The sunny weather was gone and the rain poured but we were up and out by 8am for the Wedding Day Fun Run/Walk at the Tressel. Leave it to running enthusiests to think that this would be a great way to start the day. All the family members and wedding party gathered and walked the tressle and enjoyed (even in the rain) the beauty of Summerland. Then it was back to the house for brunch and setting up the reception tent.

After the tent was set Jack and I set out to grab some lunch and to aquire a piece of Canadian memorablila. Once our goals were met it was back to the house for Jack to rest, while sporting a hat of course and for me to "be there" for Dana. Dana and I hung out, got ready and I spent some time iroing clothes for the men. Gotta love photos of Dana and I with no make up.

Then the time came and wedding clothes were donned and it was off to the ornamental gardens for the ceramony. While rain had come and gone through out the day it was clear and a little sunny at the ceremony. Pastor Kenton did a fantastic job and the location was beautiful. Another highlight was that Jack was in charge of the rings. He took his job very seriously. After some photos were taken ( a link to the professional photos to come) it was back to the house for a reception. The day was exactly what Joe and Dana wanted with enough to make it special but also the right amount of being comfortable.

As the reception came to an end Jack and I headed with the Johnsons to watch the fireworks at a local park. The kids had a fantastic time sitting outside enjoying the show.

Saturday Jack and I awoke, got ready and sneaked out of a very quiet and tired house. We headed to the Canandian favorite, Tim Hortons for a doughnut and some coffee. Then we drove a round a bit enjoying a beautiful morning and then it was back to the house to pack up. It was at that point that I locked my keys in the car. UGH. But no worries, Dana's Dad and Brother (WHO ROCK) spent some time working some break in magic and Grandma Margie and I took Jack and the cousins downtown for the parade. When got home the keys were out, the car loaded, one more foot dip in the pond had and hugs and goodbyes given. Then Jack and I settled in for a the long drive.

This time Jack and I made our way home via Bellingham were we took a break to play with Auntie Kendra and Rawgo at beach. We streched our legs a little more, had a great dinner with Kendra and Travis at a local resturant and then into the car for the final stretch. We arrived home at 10:30 and laid an exhausted Jack in his bed.


We truly enjoyed our roadtrip and our weekend and are so greatful to Dana's parents for hosting us. We enjoyed meeting Joe's family and some of Dana's brothers and nieces and nephews. Thank you so much Dana and Joe for inviting us to be part of your special weekend. Much Love!