Wednesday, June 27

Adoption Update: IT'S A BOY

Friends we are so excited to let you know that we have been given our referral. Yesterday at about 12:30 I recieved a phone call from our social worker. She informed us that we have been given a heatlthy and beautiful little boy. At the time I was in the car, driving with a friend, and was just absolutly overwhelmed. Four hours later I got a chance to see pictures, and like any mom I am happy to say "he is beautiful'. And so late into the night the name battle insued. We were awake into the wee hours of the morning and we are excited to let you know that after much thought, his name will be MAX ARMANDO LYONS. Please pray for us as we now trudge through some more paperwork and as we wait. Max is now in the care of his foster family. We are praying that they are good, loving and Godly people. We are so appreciative of their care. Due to safetly and to protect the process we cannot post pictures on the web, but if you email me we will send them to you! We will keep you posted!