Sunday, July 8

Family Camp | Good Times

Oh it was good to be back at Cascades Camp for the annual all conference church family camp this past week. Once again our church's worship band was invited to lead worship and it was amazing. The speakers this year were also fantastic. Lots of families from church attended and much fun was had. It certainly was a different experience to take along an independant 3 1/2 year old. We swam * Rode horses * Built a pinecare * Where in a parade * Played soccer * Played frisbee * Shot a BBGun * Hiked * Stayed up really late * Ate ice cream* and much, much more. Jack had a wonderful time. Camp has so many great activities and lots of his friends where there to share in the fun. The time at camp was also such a great reminder about how blessed we are to have a church home and spiritual family along with our physical family. Camp is a place where corporate and community parenting takes place. Everyone watches everyones elses kids. You all eat meals together, play together and worship together. We were so blessed to share in camp with our family and our friends. It is good be be part of a body of faith.