Friday, October 5

Adoption Update: Max 4 months old today

Well friends, today Max turns four months old. He continues to be in excellent health physically and developmentaly. He remains in the care of a great foster family for whom we are greatful. The adoption situation in Guatemala is hectic and a consent rollercoaster. Big and potentially negative changes are happening right now. We continue to covet your prayers not only for Max but for all Guatemalan adoptions. With many changes happening in Guatemala we are asking you to join us as we pray for some very specific things:

1) We are in prayer for a Divine Timeline for our paperwork
2) An excellent lawyer to be an advocate for our family and for Max,who knows all the ins and outs of Guatemalan adoptions
3) Peace for our family as we ride the ups and downs of this process.

We know that God is good. Good all of the time. Thanks so much for all of your prayers, support and friendship in this journey.