Saturday, October 6

Jack's Wish

We have spent most of our Saturday the way we usally do. We went to costco, ate lunch, went to the library and played drums in the playroom. It was here in the playroom that we took a surprising twist. I was playing the drums, Jack was rocking out on the guitar and singing. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me. I said "what Jack?". After a long pause he said "sometimes, just a little bit, I wish Mrs. Johnson was my mommy." I played it cool and said "Oh really? why?". He responded with " Because Mrs. Johnson knows how to play 'Eye of the Tiger' for real on the drums. and she knows all the words". I simply responded with "you are right ..Mrs Johnson knows how to play some rocking drums..I sometimes wish , just a little that she was my mommy too." Jack laughed and then matter of factly delivered a final blow, "Mom you are to old to have a mom". He is one funny kid. He never ceases to amaze us with his comments. PS* Gretchen ( Mrs. Johnson) , thanks to you and your excellent drumming skills I no longer have to play the saturday morning drums :)