Tuesday, November 13

Gerbil Invasion

This weekend was one of new adventure. We had house guests of the rodent persuasion.We volunteered to watch the gerbils for Jack's class. This was so exciting for Jack. On Friday after preschool we loaded "chocolate" and "pearl" along with their high class abode into our car. We brought them home and placed them in a place of much honor- the coffee table-. There they sat all weekend. We would watch them run on the wheel, climb in towers and chatter with one another. One thing that was very amusing was if we placed an empty toilet paper roll in the cage...they would chew it gone in about 30 minutes. Gerbils love to chew. This morning there is a bit of sorrow (on Jack's part) as we will return the gerbils to the class pet mom. Thanks to the class pet excursion project..it looks like we will be having house guests often..but if you ask this mom, that is better then having a full time rodent resident.