Friday, November 9

Turkey Cupcakes

This week I have been the mom helper in Jack's preschool class. This has been something that Jack has been looking forward to for a long time. Each preschool day he would ask " are you the mom helper today?" In addition he would contemplate daily what it is that he would bring for snack the day mom helped. After spending Wednesday in his class it all clicked for me as to why this mattered so much to him. When your mom is the helper you get to be the line leader (very important job when you are four) And then when snack is set out all the small people in the room say things like "this is the best snack" or "i love go-gurt" and then in unison the whole class says "thank you Jack for bringing snack". This is why Jack could not wait, he loves to be the center of attention. And so, to help the kid get his praise on Friday, Jack and I set out to make a rocking snack. We decided that since the class is learning about turkeys we would make "Turkey Cupcakes". It was a process to cook with a "helping" four year old, but we are both excited about our product. Last night, Jack wanted to sleep with the cupcakes in his room because he was so excited for snack.