Thursday, November 1

A Spooktacular Halloween

Well it is the morning after and we have deemed Halloween as a huge sucess. Jack was a pirate this year -duh-( and Max was the most adorable guatemalan we know -duh-). Jack wore his costume to school and was in a little parade through the other clasees. He loved it. "mom, all the kids waved at me". After school we came home to make preperation for our annual trick or treat party. Friends arrived for dinner and then we hit the streets with a pirate, fireman, and two girls in poodle skirts. Jack must have been practicing in the last year because he was much improved. He led the pack and hit every house like a pro. When we returned home Jack was self appointed to door duty and was a very generous candy dropper. After some door duty it was off to bed and time for the fun stuff...raiding his candy bucket. The kid did great- his parents are very pleased.