Tuesday, January 1

Its a New Year | Bink Be Gone

After to many years we are thrilled to pass along the most exciting event to take place in the Lyons house since jack learned to poop in the toilet....drum roll please.. THE BINK IS GONE! (Imagine if you will a chorus of angles singing the hallelujah chorus here) With much reluctance and some tears Jack gave up the bink in lieu of a new fleece "Lightning McQueen" blanket. He adores the blanket, Mom however finds it completely tacky, but hey, I was desperate. Jon and I are beyond thrilled that the bink has left. However without the bink to assist in the sleeping process we have noticed that bed time has become a lot louder. As I type this he is singing, reading aloud and making obscure comments LOUDLY. Now that the bink is bye-bye we are wondering if we should introduce the nighttime duct tape.- hmmmm-