Wednesday, January 2

Peter Pan Backfires

Jack was thrilled to receive the classic disney movie "Peter Pan" from his aunt Aly for Christmas. He has watched it several times since Christmas and is often acting out his favorite scenes. He took his admiration to a new level today. I found him with "war paint" all over his face. When asked why he simply stated " Mom, i am just being the big Peter Pan Indian chief." I can't get tiger lilly if they can see my face". How foolish of me. Of course he needs face decor to rescue the princess. I gently reminded Jack that we don't use markers on our body. To which he stated: " Mommy you said i can't draw on my ARMS...I didn't do any on my arms. I just did a little on my face." When it comes to loop holes this kids knows them all.
PS- The photo was taken under the guise of seeing his new haircut as to not encourage/reward his face art.