Monday, August 11

DAY TWO : Antigua

We awoke on day two with the plan to see the beautiful sights of Antigua. A city about 40 minutes from Guatemala City. Despite Meg not feeling very well we set out with the highly recommended Victor. He is popular in the adoption community and so we took advantage. He was fantastic. He is a native of Guatemala and had lots of information to share. All the streets in Antigua are cobblestone which made for a bumpy ride. But the city is very colorful and beautiful. We visited a Jade Factory and museum. I scored a new ring! Then Victor took us to a place that over looks Antigua and their coffee plantations. We learned that one coffee plant only produces 40 cups of coffee each year...needless to say I would need lots of trees. We then visited the hill of the cross. One of the oldest monuments in Antigua. Antigua has about 20 churches in it. It has always been a very Catholic community and the cross was a symbol of the city. Next we visited a Cathedral and Convent that was built in the 1500's. The cathedral still functions and the convent is open to tour. Finally Victor took us to an Artisan Market for a little shopping. Lots of beautiful items.
Unfortunately I began to feel sick so we cut the shopping a little short. On the way home we stopped a grocery store for formula, pepto bismal, and juice. Victor was great and the day was just perfect for us. Antigua was beautiful and we have made a new friend in Victor.