Monday, August 11

DAY THREE: Meet Max!!!

This is the day that we have been waiting for. To finally meet Max. The foster Mom and Dad, along with the social worker came to the hotel at 2pm today. (that was good because I spent until 1:15 in bed with the stomach gunk). The phone rang and we rushed down to the lobby. They he sat, with a big smile and Maria pointed to us and said "Mama and Papa" . She then prompted him to blow kisses which he did. And with no hesitation he came to Me and let me hold him. It was fantastic. We then all came up to our room. Jon and Max played with a ball and some toys, while I chatted with Maria about his schedule. We then presented them with gifts, not nearly enough for the love and care that they have given to him. We took several photos and then Maria and her husband left. We talked with our social worker about details for tomorrow and then the rest of the afternoon and evening we just hung as a new family. He is so cute, curious, and on the go. He is not yet walking, but he pulls himself up on every thing to get around. He can say: mama, papa, agua and aqui. He has been very warm and receptive to Jon and I and he loves to play with the phone in the hotel. We are praying that he has a great night sleep and that we have a great day tomorrow at the embassy. Thanks for all your prayers and support. * For now we will keep photos of Max off the blog. But if you did not yet get a photo via email, let me know and I will send you one pronto.