Sunday, August 24

Wet..Wedding..Wonderful Weekend

It felt as if our weekend really began on Thursday. From then on it was days of fun times, good friends and family.

Thursday: Wet Fun @ the Waterpark
The boys and I spent thursday afternoon at the Waterpark in Renton for our friends Evan and Dylans birthdays. While the sun did not shine bright much fun was had. Jack loved the wave pool and Max and I enjoyed the kiddi pool. It was a great facility and was a great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks for the party Woods Family.

Friday: Wedding Prep = Pedicures
While Jack and the cousins played at Morfars house, Max accompanied me to a morning of pampering with my sister and mom. I got to indulge in a pedicure and manicure and the ever chill Max took it all in like a champ. Thanks Kendra and Mom for the feet treat!

Saturday: Wonderful Wedding
What a beautiful and wonderful wedding took place on Saturday afternoon. Kendra and Travis were married in a beautiful garden and threw a fantastic party for all their guests. We had such a great time. Kendra was beautiful, Travis was happy and the kiddos did great!

Sunday: Finally a family photo.
After much time at home finally we had a decent family photo taken thanks to our friends the Garnes who came to meet Max. While lovely photos were taken at the will be a while before we see those and we needed a family photo for our first post placement visit that will take place this week.

There is our weekend. Packed full but lots of fun.