Wednesday, August 20

How we spend our days

Many have asked how it is going being mommy to two. I am settling with much ease(much to my own surprise). Oh sure I have to figure out how to feed one while simultaneously playing candyland with another...and keeping what is for dinner at the front of my mind, But what mom doesn't juggle daily. I definatly hit the pillow a little more tired than I use to but that is fine by me. I am really enjoying myself and my boys- yikes, that is now plural.

Our days have been just the right mix of playing and visiting, at home and away. Yesterday we did sidewalk chalk, today Jack had his friend Teya over for a dance party and Max spent the day as he normally does, wandering from room to room and investigating. He especially enjoys sitting in front of the toys in the playroom. He takes one box out, reaches in, pulls out a toy, licks it and then moves on to the next. This, depending on the day truly disgusts Jack or makes him laugh.

We are gearing up with good naps and good food for a big weekend. We have a huge birthday party at the waterpark on Thursday, Wedding prep for auntie Kendra on Friday and the event of the year: Kendra and Travis wedding come Saturday. Lots going on, but all good.

There it is, a day in the life. Life is good, messy, but good.