Thursday, October 2

Are you kidding me !

This story is just to good/bad/unfortuantley embarressing to pass up.Today the boys and I ran some errands in the afternoon in preperation for Jack's birthday party. At our last stop, Fred Meyer, the unthinkable happen. Jack was waiting for me on the sidewalk with the cart, I was on the phone with someone I had been trying to reach and I was getting Max out of the car. I move from the car to the cart to strap Max in when I notice at the end of the cart two little white butt cheeks. I look more closely to see Jack is standing in the garden of Fred Meyer, with his pants down around his ankles peeing into the bush. "What are you doing" I yelled (you know, as to not draw attention to the situation) Pull up your pants" At this time the person I was talking to started laughing and said call me back. I hung up and Jack pulled up his pants. Here is how it went:

" What were you thinking?"
" I had to pee."
" Why didn't you just say..I have to go to the bathroom mom?"
" I didn't want to interrupt..I am working on that."
" Yes, but for pee you need to let me know."
" Okay..(long pause as we walk towards the store)
but I didn't let go of the cart. I did that the right way."
" Yes, yes you did. thanks for that."

Oh what a day.