Friday, October 3

Superheros get SLIMED

The most devastating of all events (from a 5 year old perspective) has happened. Jack's much anticipated birthday bash has been postponed because his eye has been SLIMMED. That is right we have pink eye. We are calling it Slime Eye though because, well very simply, we are not girls...and pink just isn't cool. Slime is cool. Hence the gross photo. This afternoon we visited the doctor and he informed us that yes it is slime eye and canceling the party, while not fun, is the best thing to do. Jack was very upset by this but we reassured that next Saturday we would two weeks of birthday isn't bad.

In other news...MAX LOVES A MESS. While the child truly enjoys feeding himself I don't often let that happen. Why you might ask. Well because as the below photo indicates it gets a little messy. Mess is not just a food occurrence. Yesterday he spent a mere 2 minutes outside and this was the outcome. He was rolling in and throwing dirt with glee. It appears that a vat of spray and wash might not be enough.