Sunday, October 26

Our Weekend: Costco and Community

All week we waited with baited breath for the weekend to come. Two big happenings took place in our community and we got to be a part. Friday night the long awaited Covington Costco opened it's doors for the opening party. We of course HAD to go. ( I think it was a family requirement). The warehouse is great, it was packed with people and fantastic food and we got to meet a "big name" or two thanks to grandpa Jeff. Lots of our friends from church were there too. It will be so great (and a little dangerous) to have a Costco right down the street come the holiday season.

Saturday morning Jack and Jon set out early for some male bonding and good work in support of our community. For Make a Difference Day, our church Cedarcreek, thought it would be fun to bless the school we meet in with some garden spruce up. However, two garden loving people were put in charge....and pretty soon there was a landscape plan, a backhoe and a gazillon tons of river rock. The result a fantastic looking entrance to the school and so good old hardcore labor for the lyons men. Jack had a great time moving rock and Jon planted trees, moved rock and all around made a stud of himself. What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday. In the sunshine and giving back to our community.