Friday, October 24

On No..the BIG 30

Yup, that is right. The day came and went with just the right "jon approved amount" of hoopla. Thursday Jon turned thirty and we celebrated with a little family surprise party. Jon was presented with the "tacky birthday blazer", jack decorated the house and we flew in authentic, Giordanos deep dish pizza from Chicago. MMMM it was tasty. The family then presented Jon with gifts. The ideas was that every one would bring 30 of something that reminded them of Jon. There was much creativity and good gifts. * as Jack's bright red cheeks reveal....the kids had lots of fun*

Jack, Max and I are so blessed that Jon is "our daddy". He is such a great husband, loving father and a man of great integrity, loyalty and love. Thanks Jon for all that you do for our family. We are spoiled.