Wednesday, October 15

Two Month Update

It was two months ago today that Jon and I walked off the airplane with Max in our arms and returned home to live life as a family of four. What a blessing Max has been to our family. He brings such laughter and joy as he reminds us how exciting the most simple things in life (like a toilet paper roll) can be. He continues to be on track with his health and development. Here are just a few fast Max Facts:

- Loves to eat. Especially fruit and raw peppers
- He no longer walks...this boy RUNS
- He is CHATTY
- Loves to play with playdough
- Enjoys dancing and clapping with music
- Enjoys being outside with his big brother
- Gets goofy and laughy right before bed
- Has a great smile all the time...just not when a camera is around
- Enjoys looking at books
- Loves his little blue monkey & halloween pjs

Life with Max is busy, busy, busy....he is always on the go. Jack is beginning to take his big brother role in stride and enjoys Max 97 % of the time. What a delight it is to have him be part of our family. After two months it is as if he has always been here. We are a blessed bunch. To God be the glory.