Tuesday, November 4

Blustery Bellingham Bay-cation

On Monday morning the boys and I set out on a spontaneous trip to Bellingham to visit my sister Kendra and her husband Travis. Kendra had just finished a hellish work week and so we thought we would play and take them to dinner. Despite the rain and blustery weather we walked to a nearby beach. The boys had a great time. Max enjoyed throwing rocks into the water. Jack loved exploring all the trees and stumps. Even in the rain it was great was to be on the water. After the beach we walked back to her house to pick apples and enjoy a snack. Later we visited my cousin and her kiddos to play. It was great to watch the kids have fun with one another. For dinner Kendra and Travis insisted that we visit "Casa" for the best burritos in Bellingham. And yes they were: AWESOME and huge, HUGE and awesome. After dinner it was back to Kendras house to get the boys into jammies and then hit the road. They were both asleep in no time. Thanks Kendra and Travis for the visit/ mini vacation on the bay.

** The hair was bad...but the fun was good**