Wednesday, November 5

Sweet Surprise

So it is a typical Wednesday afternoon. My sister heather and I are sitting enjoying some Halloween candy (shh- don't tell jack) Max is napping and Jack and his cousins are outside. Then my phone rings. The caller id says "Guat Maria" I answer, to find Max's foster mom on the other line. We both flub as neither speak the others language. I hang up and immediately call our good friend Benton, who so faithfully translated all our letters to Maria during the adoption. Luckily he is around and available. ( Yeah for the retired people) He calls Maria and moments later calls me. For the next thirty minutes I get a chance to talk with Maria. Oh the conversation was sweet. Me filling her in on Max's progress, her crying and saying how much she loved him and thought of him as her own. Then came words that I am so appreciative of. She said that she took him to the church down the street frequently. He loved the music. He would laugh and clap and smile the whole time. Then she said that she would hold him and look at his face and pray that he would be a man of God. How sweet is that. I assured her that we are a family of strong faith. That our prayer for him too, is that he is a Man of God. Oh the provisional hand of God is so good. He heard our prayers for the foster family to be a God loving family. What a blessing. Our conversation drew to an end and we both shared our fond farewells. We look forward to more conversations. Thanks so much to Benton. You rock! Your availability to us is priceless. We are so thankful to have this link to Max and his story.