Wednesday, November 12

Did you know?

In case you haven't heard, our family got a dog. Yup, you heard me right. Now this may come as a surprise to many of did to me too. But this morning when I came downstairs after my shower I was shocked to find out the dog news. Jack had transformed the area infront of our sliding door into a "kennel" for our "real" dog.

He had a blanket for the dog, toys, and a full bowl of water and one of food. He was sittting near the "kennel" telling the dog all about our family and how much we loved him. Jack then informed me that I would be pet sitting while he was at preschol. He then spent twenty minutes writting me a list of instructions. (no worries, he included pictures in case I couldn't sound out his instructions) While this vivid imagination often proves to be alot of work for this mama, in this case I think we got off easy.I would rather pet sit this dog...than a real dog at this point. Yes a little weird, but easy.