Thursday, December 4

For Grandma Shirley

It has been brought to our attention on more than a few occasions that one of our most faithful blog readers is Jon's grandma Shirley who resides in Arizona. Thanks Grandma Shirley for keeping up to date on all our happenings. We love being able to share life at the Lyons with you (who cares about technicalities like miles and distance). In the spirit of sharing life with Grandma S,and since she has not been able to venture up here for Christmas here are some photos of the house in some of it's Christmas clothes. We love you Shirley! * Please ignore the crazy bad photography.

Our entry way : No we don't have three kids, Just matching stocking for Jack and Max and then the stocking in the middle is one that we picked up in Guatemala.

This is our advent tree corner in the family room. Instead of an advent calendar, each day we take an ornament from the mantle and hang it on the tree. Jack loves that this is his job.

Finally, if we have the big, huge, crazy t.v as right smack in the middle of the living room why not decorate it, right?