Saturday, December 6

O Christmas Tree

We set out this afternoon in search of this years tree. Jack's most favorite part of tree hunting is that we get to borrow pop's truck and he and dad get to ride together. So even before we set foot on the tree farm Jack had declared it a good day. We decided to venture once again to the tree farm where we found last years winning tree. (mommy's favorite of all the years). In stark contrast to last year when we tree hunted in the snow, this year it was a balmy 55 degrees as we walked up and down every row. Jack loved running in and out of trees and selecting HUGE trees that were in no way an option. He thought he was hysterical. Max was chill in the backpack which Jon and I took turns carrying. The pickins were slim (as we were late by lyons family standards for trees) and Jon was very nervous that I would ask to load everyone back up and to head to a different local. But alas, in the very last row, of the very last section, nestled back, I found 'THE' tree. It looked good at the farm, it looks good currenty sitting on the porch...we shall see once it is brought inside, fingers crossed. All in all it was a great day.