Sunday, December 21

Snow Slumber Party

On Friday the local weather man warned that we were in for more snow, very strong winds, freezing rain and possible power outages. While some might find this exciting, I do not. I don’t mind snow, I don’t mind the occasional wind storm, but I do mind power outages and being cold. With that in mind our family packed up at the first sign of snow on Saturday and headed over to Jon’s parents house (where they sport a generator). While the move was extreme on our part we knew that by going to all that work……the storm would never actually come and thus we would have just had a fun, pre Christmas sleepover at the grandparents. That is exactly what happened. We played, we ate, jack enjoyed a bath in Nan’s big tub and watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas. The snow came, but the wind did not and Sunday morning we awoke to power, lots of snow and a fun morning ahead of us. We enjoyed Pops great eggs and then hit the backyard with the saucers. Jack, Dad and Pop loved it. Max took a run or two and called it quits. After the outdoor fun it was back inside for hot chocolate and games. Around lunch we loaded up and headed home. Thanks Jeff and Robin! What a fun Snow Slumber Party.