Monday, December 15

Snot, Snow, Monopoly and More

This last weekend at the Lyons house was a unexpected but we made the best of it.It all started on Thursday. After two days of unusually fussiness and lack of sleep I took Max to urgent care. There it was determined that he had a double ear infection. Poor Guy. He has been been dripping SNOT, coughing like a 95 year old smoker, and has not been sleeping well. More than that he has been in a funk. We can't blame the little guy, but the change of normal temperament is beginning to take a toll on all the family members. We are excited for Max to return to his happy and healthy self soon.
Saturday we awoke to SNOW which is not that frequent of a visitor here in the Northwest. Jack was excited to go play with dad in all 1/2 inch of it. They were even able to scrap together a snowman. While falling snow was short lived, the crazy cold is here to stay. Yesterday's high only 22*. Brrr.

Despite catching a cold himself, Jack has been in great spirits and full of festive feelings. On that note we busted out hot chocolate and board games. Jack has a new fascination with the game of MONOPOLY. He certainly has caught the finance, investment, real estate bug from daddy and thus thinks Monopoly is fun. We have actually played two, full scale games with him this last weekend. Surprising fun.

Finally, to draw the weekend to a festive end Jon and Jack got crafty and spent Sunday night making a GINGERBREAD HOUSE. Jack loved placing the candy all over the house and working along side dad. Max also found the gingerbread house fun....he placed a few candies on the house and then would applaud for himself. However...his time was short lived. He had to say good bye when he began eating the candy off the house.