Sunday, December 28

A very Merry Christmas

Ahhh..days have past and yet we are still flying high off of all the festivities of Christmas Eve and Christmas. Grab a glass of egg nog or coffee and settle in..This post is a long one.

Christmas Eve
We awoke to more snow falling and shared a spontanous breakfast of Mrs. Johnson's great tea cake with Mormor and Morfar. (jon missed the party..he was sleeping...turns out the poor guy had an ear infection- more on that later) Jack was thrilled that Christmas Eve had finally come. He would randomly shout through out the day "tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!!!!". We spent the day playing and then during Daddy and Max's afternoon nap time Jack and mom watched Miracle on 34th Street. Sleeping people awoke and we put on our handsome/fancy clothes and headed off to church. Jack got to sing "Away in the Manger" upfront with his friends Mia and Jonathan. He took his job very seriously. After church we headed to Nan and Pops for the traditional Christmas Eve meal: Oyster Stew, Pizza, Tamales and Mozerrella sticks. The tamales and sticks were our family contribuetion. * In Guatemala they serve Tamales for Christmas Eve, before midnight mass*. The sticks, well, when I told Jack that we were bringing tamales he asked: "what food from my birth country can I bring"....he chose mozerrella sticks. After much food and family fun it was time to put the boys and husband to bed. Mommy stayed up to put presents under the tree and watch for santa...oh, and to watch A Christmas Story...with a glass of wine. Good times.

Christmas Day
We awoke to even more falling snow and shortly after 6am Jack awoke. Anxious to open gifts he and mommy settled in for some apple struddle bread and a show before Daddy and Max awoke. Gift mayhem began at 7:30. Jack was thrilled to recieve football and baseball cards and the much hoped for Woody Doll. Santa did well. Max got a Thomas the Train backpack (taken down from brothers closet and regifted)and a winnie the pooh bear. After a little family time it was off to mormor and morfars for big breakfast and presents. Great breakfast was feasted upon and then we rolled our selves into the living room. The big scores there: Jack recieved a seahawks jersey (he LOVES IT) and Max got a box of stickers (also RIGHT ON). Later we headed over to Jon's parents house for more gifts and Fantastic dinner. It is always so fun to do stockings there and Jack walked away with a huge stack of WHERES WALDO books that have kept him busy for days. Max was to come home with a ride on rocking horse that makes galloping noises and whinnies..conviently we didn't have room in the that will come later. Oh Joy!The day drew to a close and we headed home (in the falling snow). Both boys were asleep by the time we hit the driveway.

The Aftermath
In the days that have followed we have all enjoyed playing with the new loot and being home as a family. Jon has had a double ear infection and a cold, so he is not having much fun, but we love having him home. The snow is just now beginning to melt, an indicator that it is back to the normal daily grind come monday. This Christmas Season has been such great reminder to our family of the joy and blessing of life and family. We hope that you and yours have felt the love and peace of the season and embark on the new year with much fun and happiness.