Wednesday, December 31

Call Me Happy

So the results are in....and at the end of the Christmas gift giving I am one happy girl.Here is a public shout out to those who wowed me and have made me smile for the last few days.

To Nan and Pop Lyons: Thanks so much for the rockin' new laptop. I am loving the rusty tangerine color, the fact that it is half the size of my old one, and that when I am hard at keeps running and doesn't shut down. Oh what fun I am having. Thanks so much!

To Mom and Dad: Okay, so your gift doesn't necessarily keep me smilng...but it is certainly challenging and I love every tear jerking page. is awesome..watchout world..RED LETTERS are dangerously good.

To My Boys: No photos will do it justice, but I am so appreciative of the new ring that you gifted me with. Thanks so much. It is just my style and I love that it is from you.