Friday, January 30

Finally an Update: He Excelled!

Our internet has been wonky and so here is the much anticipated update on the eye appoinment drama : Tuesday Jack and I set out on a special Mom and Jack day that centered on the much anticipated and anxiety inducing optical visit. It is with great pleasure and a twinkle that only a mommy can hold that I inform you that Jack endured the long visit and the eye drops like a true champ. Also here is a public shout out to the fantastic people at NW pediatric eye care in Redmond. I was truly impressed by their facility, staff and approach to kiddos and eyes. Jack was put at ease the moment we walked in the door. The result of the appointment led to no glasses for Jack just yet. While a little disappointed he was quickly amused by the crazy sunglasses he received. After our appointment Jack and I shared a special lunch at our favorite Red Robin. Since we were so close to Jon’s office he said that we could imposed on the ever demanding number crunching and analysis world and pay him a visit. Jack loved every minute of it: the badge, the cool xbox hallways, hanging with dad and playing on his oh so cool white boards. There he drew detailed pictures for dad of all the eye equipment that he had encountered that day. As far as Jack and I are concerned it was a great day.