Tuesday, January 27

SPARKS...never a good way to start the day.

My morning began like any other, Grooming and primping admist the ceral pouring and parenting. My hair was tightly wrapped around the barrel of my curing iron in hope of attaining the pefect little quaf while in the other hand sipped from my coffee mug. (See, when important- i multi task).When all of a sudden I heard a pop and looked into the mirror. I noticed that tiny bright orange sparks were flying along with popping sounds and now the faintest smell of burning. I quicky attemped to drop the curling iron - hair still attached unfortunatley. It fell to the floor where it continued to spark and smoke. With coffee still in my hand and now a much hurting head- that use to hold beautiful locks of hair- I unplugged it from the wall. It appears that i will be making a trip to purchase a new curling iron....and that I will be sporting a terrible half pulled up poney tail as I go about my day. We are off to a rockin start.