Tuesday, January 6

How we entertain ourselves

For the last few weeks there have been obvious favorites when it comes to how they spend their time and entertain themselves.

Jack is determined to singlhandedly destroy the rainforst (sorry gore & decaprio). He has taken a great interest in drawing books. He will select paper, staple the daylights out of the sides, and then sit down to illustrate. He currently is drawing "comic" books about Starwars, Indiana Jones and Pokemon. We love his creativity, his imagination, and his sitting still for long periods of time.

Max on the other had, still in destructo mode has found that if he removes the drawers from our craft caddy he can wear them as shoes. He places his feet in the cheap Ikea boxes and then slides and walks all over the house. He has amazing balance. He laughs so hard if he falls or looses one. Then he is back at it again.
***And look...a little smirk... he is working on smiling on cue***