Monday, January 12

Winter Program

When snow hit our state in December, we responded like typical Washingtonians: we shut everything down. This resulted in way to many days without preschool and with the rescheduling of the much anticipated Christmas program. But have no fear, with all back to normal the program was held last Friday night. Jack had requested "handsome" clothes...and mommy could not say no to fashion so he wore his kahkis, dress shirt, tie and sweater vest. He looked (and felt) so great.

We were dazzled and impressed by his classes performace. It was short, sweet, well organized and the kids did great. Max was silent the whole time. It certainly had his attention. Kudos to his school. It was an impressive show for sure.* as far as preschool shows go*

Jack requested that the grandparents be present...and they were. Oh, how lucky are we that they live so (sooooo) very close and can share in stuff like this.

Aunt Aly even got to join us for the evening. Jack loved having her there.

When all was said and done it was a great night. Here in our attempt at a family picture you can see Jack telling Max that cake and juice await.....skip family memories...bring on the sugar.