Saturday, January 17

And the winner is ....MAX

From the day I told people that I was pregnant with Jack, I began to get comments that included words likes: boys, rough, ER, wounds, breaks, stitches. This whole 5.5years of motherhood I have waited for that time. When would it be my turn to be inducted into the "Mommy at the ER with her Boy" Hall of Fame. Alas, my day finally came. And the person responsible for the visit: MAX, the outcome: STITCHES.

Friday was a busy day. The boys and I returned home from our Costco shopping, Jack settled into read a book, Max ran back and forth from family room to play room, chattering and yelling with afternoon/miss your nap glee. As per my custom, I pulled the garbage can out of the pantry and placed it by the open fridge. I began to clear out the fridge. I then turned to place a dish from the fridge on the counter next to the sink. When I turned back around I found Max dumpster diving. He was up to his elbows in the garbage. I was annoyed with a smirk on my face. This kid loves trash. I reached for his hand and noticed that it was resistant to come out of the depths of the can. I then noticed that his right index finger was trapped securely in partially open can of black beans. We pulled his arm and the can out of the trash ..but there was no way to get his little finger out without incident.( Skip gross part). His little finger eventually came out and was sliced diagonally from one side to the other...and it BLED. We washed it off, made a call to a "medical" friend and surmised that we would need to jot down to urgent care. Max only cried when I tried to wrap his finger in a dish towel. (you know to protect my carpet and my clothes..) If he could look at his gapping wound and the blood then he was fine. With Max on my hip, my purse over my shoulder and his little hand wrapped in a large towel I told Jack to grab his shoes we needed to go to the ER. Jack lost it. He began freaking out and crying....he didn't ant to go. He didn't want to see the wound. He didn't want to be with the sick people. After a little negotiation and me at one point using a firm voice to remind him" you are not hurt. you don't get to be the freak show. only max can". We eventually made it into the car. As we pulled out of our neighborhood Jack suggested that we pray for Max. I of course said yes. Jack began to say a sweet prayer and then he screamed..."don't get your blood on me...i am praying for you".

We arrive at Multicare, walk in, and were seen fairly quickly. Jon's mom met me there to graciously sit with my anxiety ridden older child. (Thanks Robin). Max and I were taken back and seen by a nurse. She cleaned, touched and looked at the wound while a completely cool and collected Max was content to sit and watch. The said we would probably need stitches, so it would be about 1 hour before the doctor would be in. She told me to try and keep it wrapped and clean. She then left and Max and I began our waiting shenanigans. We played hide and seek under the paper blanket, we eat fruit snacks, played racing games with a car and camera phone fun..hence the bad photos. The only thing we didn't do: keep his finger wrapped. Any time I tried to cover up the wound, Max would cry. He wanted to look at it in all it's glory.

After awhile the doctor and a "strong" nurse came in. They talked me through the procedure and gave me the "mom, there will be a lot of crying and wiggling on his part we need your help to reassure him and hold him still. I laid with him on the bed bracing myself for the screams. Max lie perfectly still, watching every part of the procedure. Not one scream was uttered, not one tear made its way to his eye. He cheeks got flushed and his little heart beat faster, but that was the extent of it. The doctor and the nurse were amazed. Max and all the hubbub only required two little stitches and for it is wrapped tight. When all was said and done we said good bye. Max will sucker in hand and a sticker on his shirt walked out of the er like nothing ever happen.

So there it is. My inductee moment. Max, and his curious, adventurous little self may be a frequent flyer at the local urgent care....but if the cool and calm are his demeanor then bring it on.