Monday, February 23

Classic Jack

Jack continually keeps our family laughing with his words and antics. Today has been packed with Classic Jack and warranted a post. (That and the fact that MaryBeth won't stop hounding me :)).

#1 Today Jack came home from school with two pieces of art work. One a very colorful planet, the other a crazy looking snowman. When I inquired about the snowman Jack pointed out the goofy hat and then said:"And mom, did you see the goofiest part?. Did you see he is wearing underwear?" Sure enough, the snowman had some lovely tighty whiteties drawn on him in lovely red crayon. "Jack, why did you draw the underwear on him?" "Well, mom, I could figure out how to draw a really good penis". Oh dear. I fear that calls from teachers and principals may be in my future.

#2 Jack and Max were playing legos "together" (which actually just means they were in the same room and happen to have the same item in their hands). I could tell that Max was pestering Jack, as he has gotten so good at doing. Before I could intervien. I heard Jack say to Max " Max, today I am having a hard time finding you delightful".

#3 This afternoon after cleaning his room I found Jack lying on his bed. I asked if he wanted to come downstairs to read, or play a game. To which he responded. " No thanks, I just need a little time. ( a long pause) I asked if he was okay. " Of course mom, I just need to think about my life a little bit."

Oh this boy. He keeps me laughing.