Saturday, March 7


I have been harassed by several individuals including my loving spouse that I have been delinquent in my blogging as of late. What can I say. I am doing my best to keep children safe and out of urgent care, myself semi-sane and my house some semblance of orderly. So in no particular order....or strung together in a witty way here are this last weeks happenings:*there are a little heavy on the jack front because, well, max just cannot be captured...he his a blurrrr.

A New Pet

Jack has been asking ever since I flushed the first one, when he could get a new fish. This week there was no reason to say no, and so Tuesday "Tom Riley" joined our humble abode. Jack gets to keep Tom in his room on a high bookshelf and is responsible for the feeding. I agreed to clean out his bowl. Jack has enjoyed having a pet, but this morning shared with us his great disappointment that he cannot really get in the water and play with Tom. Thus...the begging for a dog has begun again.

Domestic Dude

I don't know what has brought it about but Jack has begun to be interested in doing some of the domestic duties of the house. This week Jack: washed the front windows, mopped the floor and his favorite ironed his pants and dad's shirt. I am okay with this new trend in domestic intrests. It may lay a nice foundation for his future wife...and it may allow me to get back to the things I love most: bon bons and scandelous afternoon telenovellas.

Our New Found Fame

Each quarter we recieve our adoption agency magazine. It is filled with great articles, photos of children waiting for homes and a page or two with family photo of arrivals. During the long process I would pour over those arrival pictures..longing for our family to be amongst them. This week..our photos was there. At the bottom of the first page was a great photo of our boys the week we brought Max home. Jack was beside himself excited that we were in a "real life magazine". He even took it to school to show his teacher.Ahhhh. It was sweet.