Thursday, February 12

Kiddo Update

It has been a while since I have done a kiddo update, and since for no reason at all I am feeling a little lovey dovey and nostalgic this week I thought today should be the day. So here is the latest on the lyons boys:

Jack {5.5 years old}
drawing, making books, space, starwars, legos,running football plays with dad, looking at waldo books and couch jumping with Max.
Longs for:
Warm weather, swimming, another trip to California, family camp, and to be taller.
Would rather not: clean up, wear socks, wear hooded clothing or ride in elevators.
Three words to describe him:
Funny, Smart, Creative

Jack continues to bring joy and laughter to Jon and myself.He is the perfect little blend of Jon and myself and that is a little scary. He has great questions. It is so fun to hear him randomly interject into conversations little facts that he recalls from school. He really seems to have found his brotherly niche when it comes to Max. They have a great time playing together.

Max { 20 months }
running, lining up trains, coloring, dancing to music, kicking and throwing balls, reading books and climbing.
Recent Developments:
attempting more and more words, can pull himself up onto anything (including counters),more clearly communicates with signs and grunts his wants and desires, body flopping tantrums and funny faces.
Would rather not:
have dirty hands, be inside, be exiled from Jacks room or hear the word no.
Three words to describe him:
Loving, Busy, Curious

Max certainly keeps us busy, but he keeps us laughing too. He loves to be in the middle of it all. He adores Jack and is working hard at being funny like Jack is. He is such a sweet boy and while he currently lacks understandable verbal skills we are awed at his comprehension. We are certain full sentences will take us by surprise soon.