Tuesday, February 10

Finalization Fun Day

Today we awoke early and headed down to the King County Courthouse in Seattle. (I am just glad that every Tuesday doesn't start that way). Today was our long awaited Adoption Finalization appointment. While the adoption has been final on many fronts from the moment that Max was placed in our arms, Washington state needed two post placement reports before they would stamp final and issue new birth certificates. Today was our day. While we were nervous because we don't often do court related things, everything went smoothly and we were in and out in no time. The judge we had shared with us that his grandson was just recently adopted from Guatemala (*another God thing if you ask me) and he had no qualms or concerns but rather gave us his blessing and stamp of authority. He invited us to take pictures there in the court room and then we were done. In and out in 15 minutes.

Then it was off to family fun day in Seattle. We ventured to the Children's Museum and enjoyed the Curious George exhibit and all the other fun stuff they have there. We ate lunch at the Center House and then placed two very tired boys in to the car. A great day for our family and the FINAL to do box checked off. Can I hear a collective exhale and a Thanks be to God!