Saturday, February 7

Ladies Night in Bellingham

*Caution..this gets scandalous*

Friday afternoon my mom and I set out to meet my sister Kendra and her friend MaryBeth for Ladies night. On the docket: dinner, drinks and a concert.We arrived at Kendra's house and were treated to a lovely little dinner made with great fixings from the local co-op. After dinner we put on our "party clothes" and headed out for drinks at the Nimbus, a local hot spot(who knew bellingham had hot spots). The Nimbus overlooks the city and water and was a great prequel to the show. After a tasty Crazberry adult beverage it was across the street for the concert. On stage, live and in person: Brandi Carlile, a local girl from Maple Valley who in the last few years has made a national name for herself.

Jon and I are fans of her music and when the opportunity to go to the concert came I was thrilled. (Jon was thrilled that he didn't have to go)The concert was fantastic. Such great music, comical comments in between and a good time with "the girls". After the concert we went back to the Nimbus (no was ladies night...)We enjoyed more beverage and tasty late night appetizers. (Marybeth had had all she could take..and in between sips would "rest" her eyes). We drew the evening to a close with each of us finding a comfy spot on the floor/couch/treadmill at Kendra's house and fell fast asleep. Mom and I awoke early and hit the road...and I made it back to motherly duties and church bulletin printing with only minor morning after effects.(is it wrong to print church bulletins with a slight hangover headache?)A great night was had by all...and thanks to all those who participated in child wrangling so that this Mama could enjoy a great night on the town.