Tuesday, March 17

It's Facebook's Fault

It seems that I have been yet again delinquent with posting updates. I could not place my finger on as to why and then tonight it hit me: Facebook. Against my better judgement this mama has been sucked into the world of friends, factoids, status updates and such. There is a little feature that says " Megan is..." and then you fill in the blank. That is where my blogging has gone. Instead of blogging at the end of my day, I am giving status updates through out the day. Shame on me for not saving my snide comments, mommy musings and random thoughts for the faithful few who follow this blog and depend on the life snippets for their daily dose of laughter. So my apologies..I will work on less facebook and more blogging. But in fair discloser and in an attempt to bring everyone up to speed here is a collection of my status updates during the last week. They reveal alot about the current vibe of the Lyons family.

Megan Lyons is watching the A-team. awesome fashions, awesome fun.

Megan Lyons loves risotto and garlic bread...mmmm

Megan Lyons realizes that she would be rich if she had
a dollar for every time she finds Max about to destroy something.

Megan Lyons wonders why is it so hard for 5 year old
boy to find something constructive to do.

Megan Lyons wonders when she became the offical lego piece finder.

Megan Lyons is counting down the days, hours
and minutes to the next :20 Funny Cd drop......what fun.

Megan Lyons is all about laundry...oh and a little facebook :)

Megan Lyons cannot get coffee into her body fast enough.

Megan Lyons is getting her butt kicked with Rob Bell's new book.

Megan Lyons thinks: my husband rocks.

Megan Lyons is trying to keep order admist the chaos. ahh kids

Megan Lyons is so glad she could track down that
gnarly smell. mission accomplished.

Megan Lyons hopes the husband is on board for a little
in house date night. red robin to go. yum

Megan Lyons is getting her mess on with Jack. yeah craft fun..

Megan Lyons is excited to get together with "the Ladies" for Bible study today.