Wednesday, March 25

It's a NEW day

Why settle for Wednesday being the same old thing. Not today. It is a day full of all things new. Let's start with Jack.

Jack is sporting a NEW DO thanks to auntie heather. My nephews have vary short hair, and Jack's hair has been out of control for sometime so yesterday Jack asked if auntie heather could cut his hair to match his cousins. She agreed and today Jack walked into preschool so proud of his great,short, NEW do. Thanks Heather!

Max and I tried a NEW ACTIVITY this morning. With great fear and trepidation I took him to story time at the library. The idea of quiet, still, and sitting are so counter to Max and his precious self. But alas he did a great job. Quiet: Yes he was. Still: Not a chance. But he loved the songs, semi-participated....and so we will head back next week. He was certainly tuckered out from all his running around and attempting to keep himself quiet.

This afternoon the boys and I hit the road for a mini roadtrip to olympia and the department of health and records. Why you ask? for a NEW BIRTH CERTIFICATE for Max. His new bc arrived in the mail on Monday only for us to notice that the date is one day off. Now as much as Max would love to have reason in the future to demand a two day birthday celebration...I just cannot handle the idea of Jack learning that he does not have two birthday. So for the sake of down the road brotherly strife we are headed down with a stack of paperwork/passports/immigration visas and the such to change one little number from a 6 to a 5. Yeah paperwork, yeah government.

And finally there is Jon. No there is not a new job (pheew) but just huge props and much love for the fact that he was up till the wee hours of the night making my NEW COMPUTER, NEW AGAIN. Recently my lovely orange laptop had been occasionally showing the blue screen of death. That is just plain unacceptable- seeing as it is only two months old. So the love of my life went to work shorty after 9pm to restore unto me the joy of my computer...i think i recall him climbing into bed somewhere around 1:30am. Thanks Jon. You ROCK!