Wednesday, April 22

More Sun & Earth Day Fun

We continued to be blessed with blue skies and the shining orb on Tuesday. And since sunny days cannot be counted upon in our neck of the woods we said "screw it" to chores and headed outdoors. We met our friends at Home Depot in the early hours to grab what we needed for our Earth Day project * more later* then we went to the park-al-a Grandparents to enjoy the pool,lunch and time with the cousins. We spent so much of the day there that we even decied to BBQ dinner and stay to enjoy it on their back deck. What a lovely way to spend the day.

This is okay- it is mutual "light saber" fun.
Both are willing participants.

Can you tell it was naptime for Max soon after this photo.

Then, in typical Northwest fashion, come Wednesday it was raining, a good 15 degrees cooler and just plain blah outside. But alas Jack and mom had big nap time plans. We decided that this year in honor of Earth Day...but more so in honor of our love for salsa we planted tomatos and cilantro. Nowany and all who know me, know I tend to fail miserably when it comes to gardening...but here's to hoping for a tasty summer.