Monday, April 20

Sunny Days + Friends = Beach Fun

We awoke this morning to beautiful sun and hot temps. Thus the delemia in ensued: to school or not to school. We opted for half day at school and then hit the road with our friends to lunch and play at one of our favorite spots: ALKI Beach in Seattle. The boys wasted no time getting covered head to toe in sand. Jack was able to bring his friend Jonathan along so they had great fun digging big holes while Max was easily entertained by sand and the sights. Alki has a huge dog population and Max being a dog lover had a grand time pointing out dogs. We were able to share our day with our friends Shannon, Regan and Rowan. In between child wrangling, pulling rocks out of tiny mouths and keeping children from petting random dogs us moms got a chance to chat and sun ourselves. Finally we enjoyed lunch from our favorite spot for fish and chips, SPUDS. Oh so good. A beautiful day, fantastic weather and good sweet is that.